Al Kooper Discography Best Album

Rare + Well Done
Sales Date:2001.9. Produce:Al Kooper
Rareで購入−日本盤/US盤で購入(日本盤) 1. I Can't Quit Her 11. Making Plans For Nigel
2. Somethin' Goin' On 12. I Believe To My Soul
3. Autumn Song 13. Went To See The Gypsy
4. I Can't Stand The Rain 14. Rachmaninoff's Birthday
5. Baby Please Don't Go 15. Hey Jude
6. I Let Love Slip Through My Fingers
7. Earthquake Of Your Love 16. Living In My Own Religion
8. Bulgarya 17. Big Chase
9. Nuthin' I Wouldn't Do (For A Woman Like You) 18. They Just Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore
10. New York's My Home (Razz-A-Ma-Tazz) AKA The Street Song 19. Drive Through The Old Neighborhood
Well Done 1. I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes
2. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
3. This Diamond Ring 10. Flute Thing
4. Albert's Shuffle 11. You Never Know Who Your Friends Are
5. Bury My Body 12. I Got A Woman
6. Season Of The Witch 13. Brand New Day
7. New York City (You're A Woman)
8. I Can't Quit Her 14. Jolie
9. I Stand Alone

 肉の焼き加減に引っ掛けたうまいネーミングで、「Rare」は未発表音源、「Well Done」はブルース・プロジェクトからBS&T、そしてソロに至るまでの代表曲を網羅した内容になっている(ラストが『Jolie』なのは日本盤。US盤は『Love Theme』が収録されている)。初心者向けというより、むしろ熱心なファン向けの作品と言えよう。ブックレットにはアルを賛辞するコメントが数多く寄せられていて、その顔ぶれはジーン・シモンズ、レイ・マンザレク、ピート・タウンゼンド、トム・ペティ、スティーヴ・ウィンウッド、ジョー・ウォルシュなど、錚々たる面々だ。

Al's Big Deal
Sales Date:1975. Produce:で購入(日本盤)で購入−日本盤
1. New York City (You're A Woman)
2. I Can't Quit Her 10. Albert's Shuffle
3. I Stand Alone 11. The Weight
4. Brand New Day 12. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
5. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
6. Sam Stone 13. If Dogs Run Free
7. Jolie 14. Season Of The Witch
8. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
9. Bury My Body

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